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Q&A With Dr. Sharma on Blue Light

Q: What is Blue Light?

A: Blue light is a form of light energy that is irradiated from many technology devices such as PDA, cell phones, tablets, monitors, laptops,gaming devices, TV’s as well lighting such as LED, etc


Q: What are the negative effects of Blue Light?

A: Excessive exposure (in time duration) to lower wavelengths of blue light can cause the brain to produce less melatonin which can hinder one’s ability to fall asleep. This can lead to patients feeling sleepy as well as tired. Studies also show that excessive exposure and also lead to changes in the macula (ones central vision in the retina) which could lead to a decrease in central vision over time


Q: How can we counter the negative effects?

A: Eye doctors are fortunate that there are products available today that can counter the negative effects of such damage. We often prescribe Transitions Lenses as they absorb some degree of blue light. In addition, we add a blue light protective application on the lenses to enhance the overall protection giving us maximum absorption/reflection


Q: What can an OD do to help me in this area?

A: The doctor can educated you on damaging effects with blue light and prescribe as well as customize the best treatment plan for you. I often speak to the community in centers around Atlanta and talk to its citizens regarding being educated on technology and its growing use. We also educated people about its negative effects. We call this our outreach progream.


Q: What is the relationship between Computer Vision Syndrome and Blue Light?

A: There is a definite relationship between the two. With Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), one is infront of a digital device working hours on end. In this process, one’s ability to blink decreases tremendously. As a result, the eyes dry out. In addition, since the blink rate decreases around 4-5x, the eyes are open longer between blinks which allows more blue light to penetrate into the eye.


Q: What type of lenses / eyewear do you offer to combat the negative effects of Blue Light?

A: We offer Transitions Lenses with a blue light protective application on the lenses (Techshield, Crizal Prevencia, etc)