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Cazal Eyewear

Cazal 20AdCazel Eyewear, recognized and adored worldwide, is the legacy of Cari Zalloni, a passionate and talented eyewear designer who was always seeking the ultimate in quality and trendsetting design.

Cazal eyewear is created to pave its own path, finding new ways to define style and character for those who appreciate extravagance and individuality. Using first-class materials such as pure titanium and gold and precision workmanship each pair of Cazal glasses is created with the utmost scrutiny and attention to detail. Cazal designers invest hours to develop unique and exclusive color shades based on the latest trends.

Cazal is known for it’s trendsetting and striking styles, particularly popular in Hollywood and the hip-hop scene, which today has become a timeless statement for stars and trendsetters. An entire line, the Cazal Legends, was created to recreate some of the legendary designs from the 80’s which has gained a cult-like following.

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